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Leprechaun traps … Becker style

This is from last year …

Forgive the poor quality but I had to get it before the leprechauns did. They also left the front porch light on and added disco balls, comfy sofas and potato chips to the actual stuck-in-there areas.

We’re all about catch and entertain here…

The first year in 6 years that on St. Patty’s Day Eve, there are no Leprechaun traps gracing the floors of the Becker house.

No tiny footprints.

No glitter or fancy, dressed up shoe boxes.

I mourn this much more than the day that Santa disappears. There was something about the magic of the Leprechaun that was just …. innocent and special.

Not that the little ones don’t believe  – they just don’t have the same fervor that the oldest did. His excitement about the Leprechauns was pure and real. He truly believed, without question, that he had a chance to catch one. Like for real.

I’ll have hope for next year, but it will never be the same.



2 thoughts on “Leprechaun traps … Becker style

  1. I was looking for the Leprechaun traps on FB this year. But, alas, they were not there. 🙁 I hope they return next year, too!!!

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