We often spend so much time chasing the extraordinary moments that we miss out on the ordinary moments – the ones that if taken away, we’d miss more than anything.

– from Brene Brown’s “The Call to Courage”

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Taking Notes …

I often rant about how kids today won’t even know how to write things thanks to Siri and now Alexa and Google Home are adding to that mix.

That by itself is bad enough. But I hadn’t even considered Voice to Text and who knew that Google Classroom has this built-in?

Clearly not me.

My son-who-loathes-to-write came to me this evening proud of himself for having taken all of the notes that he needs for an essay that he has to write in class later this week.

Imagine how impressed I was to see that his notes were typed AND included bullet points for each individual item.

I was, of course, thinking about my own schooling way back in the 1900s and imagining that he’d by handwriting these notes.

Pfft. Kids today don’t hand write anything!

What I failed to consider, though. Was that he merely dictated all of these notes to and Google took care of the rest.

Shock and awe.

Things were spelled correctly! The bullet points were added automatically!

He didn’t have to type anything!

It’s like we’ve gone forward to go backward – dictation but with no steno pool.

Don Draper and Peggy Olsen would be impressed.

I just feel old.

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