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Meal Plan for the Week of 3/2/2015

meal0302Snow day #6.

Since they went back after Winter Break, my children have not had one full, uninterrupted week of school. Not. One. Which makes me a little bit …. argh!

It’s not so much that they’re home, it’s the constant upheaval of life and the inability to stick to a plan.

Bwahahaha! Who am I kidding? It is so much that they are home. All. The. Time.

Don’t get me wrong. I treasure every moment with my kids and all that (insert one of those sentimental, weepy poems or verses about how kids grow up so fast blah blah and enjoy it while you can blah blah), but isn’t that what summer break is for? Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all.

Anyway … back to the planning part. Really, it wears me down. And then it’s just so hard to motivate myself to make a meal plan when I just flat out don’t feel like.

Kind of like right now.

But, like a good and dutiful mother, I did it.

While zipping through the store, figuring it out as I went. But who’s judging?


Make-Your-Own-Sub (organic roast beef, ham, provolone, fixin’s)

Tuesday (baseball)

Honey Mustard Whole Chicken (cut into parts), quick and easy farro (onion, garlic sauteed in butter, cooked in bone broth), green beans, fresh strawberries

Wednesday (crazy evening)

Noodles and sauce (from a jar) with leftover meatballs and Earth’s Best meatballs for the kids, tossed salads, apple slices

Thursday (Big Britches is in the school play)

Butternut Squash Beef Stew, biscuits, homemade apple sauce


Fish Tacos from Real Mom Nutrition


Southwestern Goulash (or cheeseburgers), roasted potatoes, asparagus


Pulled Pork, broccoli, orange slices



Update 3/9: We had a big snowstorm hit at the end of last week, which meant the kids were home from school … which meant that by Friday night, I was just not feeling the clean-up-the-kitchen love. Tending to the seemingly endless barrage of wet snow clothes was enough work for 2 days. Saturday’s baseball practice was moved to dinner time, so I made chicken fajitas instead of fish tacos. I just don’t relish the occasion to fight the new-food battle alone. And Sunday was our new favorite fish dish – I’ll post later this week.

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