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When’s the last time you mewled? [Spy School Series Review]

Because I still read to two of my kids every night, and we’re way past Goodnight, Goodnight Constuction Site, it can sometimes be a challenge to find a quality book that is worth a read aloud but that isn’t something they might prefer to read on their own.

We have several gems in our history that I’ll share in a soon-to-be-created-and-will-forever-be-growing list.

For now, Spy School.

We discovered this amazing book series when the littlest fella plucked it off the shelf on a whim and begged to read it. Before we made it through the first chapter, it was obvious that this is too far above his level.

Because the vocabulary words are …

Dreamy.  For dorky girls who like big words anyway.

They had me with mewled.


In a book for kids!


While the story is also fairly complex for a younger audience to follow, these are fantastic for a 4th grader.

And for the mom reading it too.

Ripley. Ben Ripley. He’s a young, nerdy, wanna-be but yet is lacking-in-mostly-all-necessary-skills James Bond.

There’s action. And intrigue. A twerpy evil nemesis that you just want to hug.

There’s even a cute little love story.

Full disclosure: If you don’t dig the occasional borderline curse word, then these books aren’t likely the best choice. My kids go to public school so, ya know. It’s out there.

One of the best parts about this series is that there are 4 dense books.


Gold mine.

We found ours at the library, but everybody’s favorite online book retailer has them too.

You can thank me in the comments 😉

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